OTP/Transactional SMS UAE

Using this service you can send OTP/Transactional/Infromational SMS alerts to your customers like "Welcome to IGlobe Solutions your OTP is 8546". or "Thank you for placing an order with us. Your Order ID is 154151."
We can also get your 3-11 character sender ID approved from the operators.
We also provide secured SMS API which can be integrated in your application.


  • Instant Delivery
  • Your own Sender ID (5-11 Alpha characters)
  • Delivery Report within seconds
  • Easy to use Interface/ Web Panel
  • Secured HTTPS SMS API to integrate in your mobile or web application
  • SMS API Supports PHP, JAVA, .net, C++, C#, Phython, javascript etc.
  • One click Live Support
  • Useful for Software Developement Firms, Banks, Hotels, Hospitals, Restaurents, Shops, Stores, Website owners, Medical Clinics, Schools, Colleges, Tuition Classes, Online shopping Cart, Cab services, Company's internal communications, Sending verification codes, OTP, E-commerce websites, Mobile number verification, Invoicing System, Payment alerts, Appointments notifications, Meeting reminders and so on.

Operative demo account


Hurray..! your account will be instantly ready to use with default sender-id and test credits.

NOTE :Your desired Sender-id approval will take 3 - 5 working days as per Operator's.